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Here are some of our FAQs:

What is Tech Arts NYC?

Tech Arts NYC is a company where visual arts and digital arts are combined together to create one big piece of art. The visual arts are art forms such as painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture, ceramics, photography, video, filmmaking, design, crafts and architecture. Many artistic disciplines such as performing arts, conceptual art, and textile arts also involve aspects of visual arts as well as arts of other types. Digital art is an artistic work or practice that uses digital technology as part of the creative or presentation process. Since the 1960s, various names have been used to describe the process, including computer art and multimedia art. At Tech Arts NYC, our company

When & who founded this company?

This company was founded in 2018. It is on a path to huge success. It was founded in Brooklyn, New York by 3 ladies named Jaslyn, Uniqua & Camira who enjoyed dancing along with art. These 3 ladies met in college and became very good friends. They went to the same college which was a visual arts and digital arts college. After they graduated from there, the 3 girls decided that this is the career path they wanted to pursue. Then Tech NYC Arts came to life!

What is our Goal?

Our mission is to promote the merging of technology and the performing arts. We hope to use the performing arts as a platform to expose and engage performers to visual arts technology. We want to break the mindset that arts and computer technology are mutually exclusive. Therfore we were able to merge these clearly 2 different subjects together.

Why is our company needed?

Our company is needed because it introduces people to a new form of art. By combining virtual art and digital art, we're giving people a new perspective on art. We hope that our company can be a trendsetter to other future companies to continue unifiying the different aspects of art.


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Down below are what our business offers to you:

Coding AIs

  • Each year, our employees makes difficult dance routines for virtual AI robot dance groups of 3.

  • Then it is programmed to dance with difficult dance movements that has been seen in the real world already.

  • Then we use technology to display it for our different groups of dance students to learn during their classes.

Dance Classes

  • Each year, 15 students are selected from auditioning for our dance classes.

  • Our 15 dance students get into diferent groups and are given an AI robot dance group that gives them a dance routine.

  • Then they all have to learn the exact same dance routine of that virtual AI robot given to them as best as they can in their different groups of 3.

Celebrity Meet & Greets

  • Each year, Our dance students get to meet a celebrity guests that gives them motivational speeches and some tips for their final performance.

  • Our dance students will be able to choose a dance celebrity guests based on a winning a raffle ticket.

  • This ticket will be given to all dance students with Standard/Premium membership.

Final Competition

  • At the end of each year, Our students perform at a final competition.

  • The virtual AI robot group's dance movements will be playing on the screen while dancers are mimicking the dances on stage in real life.

  • The audience decides which group mimicked the AI robot group's difficult dances the best and each winner takes home a medal and $500 check.


Below is our pricing to get your membership at Tech Arts NYC.

Most Convienient Deal.


Here are some of the incentives that come with purchasing our Basic Membership card:

  • Includes free Dance classes.
  • Includes 50% off food being provided twice a month.
  • Doesn't include free raffle ticket to choose celebrity guests.
  • Doesn't Cover Competition expenses at rolling loud.
Most Popular Deal.


Here are some of the incentives that come with purchasing our Standard Membership card:

  • Includes free Dance classes.
  • Includes free food from food being being provided three times a month.
  • Includes a free raffle ticket to choose celebrity guests
  • Doesn't cover competition expenses at rolling loud.
Most Recommended deal


Here are some of the incentives that come with purchasing our Premium Membership card:

  • Includes free dance classes.
  • Includes free food every class from food being provided.
  • Includes 2 free raffle tickets to choose celebrity guests
  • Covers all competition expenses at rolling loud.


Down below are some of our parents and students reviews.

Star Rating System


Average Rating



8 days ago

Tom kok


"When my son first told me about this program i didn't know what to think of it, but i'm proud to say that when he joined this program he has stopped getting out of trouble because he used his free time to practice the dance steps instead of causing drama. Kudos to yall T.A.N.Y.C.!"

3 days ago

Win Rool


"Thanks to Tech arts, i have never seen my daughter more passionate for anything ever in my life like she was for this program. She even spent her free time practicing her dance moves and i couldn't be more proud of her. Once again, THANK YOU!"

1 day ago

Jui Choal


"Thanks to tech arts nyc's dance classes, i not only improved my dance skills, but i have now finalized my career path to pursue. I love you T.A.N.Y.C.!"

5 days ago

Jack Mins


"This program was good i guess. i don't really have anything bad to say about it, but i'm not happy with the fact that the other teams that didn't win, didn't get any type of participation gifts. But other than that, this was a really good program for me."


Meet the team

Please keep in mind that these ladies aren't the only ones that contributed to the company and that there are other people that put their bricks in from behind the scenes.

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Jaslyn Maylfer

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Uniqua Harper

Program Manager
image is currently unavailable

Camira Valenica

Assistant Manager


In this business we partnered with different large companies that help provide our business with what we need.These companies include Apple, Polo, Rolling Loud, and Amazon. Once again, please keep in mind that these companies aren't the only ones that contributed to our company but they are the main contributers; there are other companies that work with us.

image of polo logo



We got into a partnership with the clothing company Polo, so that they could sponsor our uniform for our students when performing during the competitions we hold. Students who have a premium memebership gets free polo uniforms, however student who don't, will have to pay for their own uniforms.

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Apple helps us with tech products like MacBooks and IPads, and other devices needed for our coding employees. We also provide these devices with high speedy networks.

image of rolling loud

Rolling Loud


For tours, performances, and competitions, we book shows with Rolling Loud. Rolling Loud provides us with a location and a stage for our performers and audience. They also provide us with surprise celebrity guests that show up to the competitons that we hold.

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Amazon ships and delivers the supplies that are needed to give our company the final touch! They provide us with the basic, everyday things needed for our company to work. They deliver us the food for our kitchen that is used to serve our students.

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